jeudi 11 octobre 2007

A new challenge

So, I signed up for IronWil's , to monitor my exercise and weightloss along with the other folks. I haven't figured out how we can interact or if we are even supposed to, but it's a nice initiative.

I will not write my food intake in that log since everytime I do, I tend to enter complete absurdity:
- "Did I just eat a medium or a small apple?"
- "How many calories are there in one mms??" Cue to my counting the number of mms in the bag and dividing the weight of the bag by that number etc... Yes it happened. Don't judge! ;-)

I started by walking along the route of my bus rather than taking it at the first stop. I inhaled all sorts of car fumes, second hand smoke etc... But it was still better than the bad BO I smelled in the bus. Now that we have a nice super modern tramway I've become rather spoilt when it comes to public transportation *sigh*

Well tomorrow it's Friday! Have a nice one if you're reading this!

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Jennifer P a dit…

Congrats on joining the challenge and good luck! I joined as well. It's easy to message people on the challenge board and I think Wil's site is a good way to interact as well.

*jeanne* a dit…

Bon soir, Plods!

*jeanne* a dit…

A wee bit behind on blog updates?

*jeanne* a dit…

Are you gone from here forevermore?