samedi 6 octobre 2007

Plodding... for real

Yes, I engaged in some plodding today. It was actually enjoyable,.... once it was over. No really, it was fun. I did a combination of walking and jogging (I can't really call this running...) and my feet didn't hurt. Hooray!!
So I will try to ease into it by not following any plan and just plod once a week. The other times I will do the usual workouts.
Still it was my first plodding attempt in more than a year...

2 commentaires:

Danielle in Iowa a dit…

Ah, but isn't it great to be back out there!

*jeanne* a dit…

Today I plodded as well. It was fun, I guess, as well as painful. But my body is complaining now.

I wonder if I will ever run again?